We have a variety of animals from the usual bovine and pigs to the less usual ducks, gees and chickens of many variety. 

We strongly beieve our animals need space to grow healthy. That is why our livestock usually grows to a much bigger size than the average with no added antibiotics or steroids.

We raise them in a humanly fashion and even have a name for a lot of them. this is way more labor intensive but is worth it as when you taste our food you will never go back.

We are always hiring and looking for new talents. our current opening include

Apiary Technician

Farm supervisors with farm experience

class 1 and 3 driver

class 5 driver with Q endorsement


General Farm Laborer, seasonal/full time


Machine operator

General Maintenance

Safety Supervisor

If you cant find your job title on our list come and see us. we probably got something for you

apply at farm.hirring@gmail.com


What makes us different is that we try to make everything our self with first priority being the well being of our livestock but also living on a reduce reuse and recycle plan. we make our own compost, grow about half the food for our livestock and have a tree farm that is selling trees and helps us grow our foods in its natural environment, herbs vegetables and fruits, fresh eggs daily and meat that taste so good you will never want to go anywhere else ever again. 

The demand for locally grown foods has more than doubled over the past few years and is expected to double again in the next few. We want to be ready so you can eat everyday too.

We want you to work with us. Come see why we are different and help us make the change

We Want You To Work With Us


We start most of our produce in the greenhouse but also have lots going on outside. we produce year round and expect to produce much much more in the very near future. 

Our expansion plan include doubling our production within the next year to meet the ever growing demand for locally grown produce.